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Beauty Advice

For most brides planning a wedding comes with a long checklist, or rather many a checklists! And often things can go a bit haywire when it comes to the beauty side of things, as there are so many decisions to make and appointments to remember. From your hair style, make-up, tan and figuring out the best way to put it all together, it’s no wonder many brides are left pulling their hair out!
Well, to help make these decisions a little less stressful for you, International Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Fashion Director Jodie Lee has some advice to get you off on the right foot.

We all know there are an endless number of products on the market and most of us leave it up to the experts when considering which brands to try. But when it comes to foundation and that desired natural, flawless look, Jodie swears by air-brush foundation.
“The great thing about this product is its longevity”, says Jodie. “The liquid formula is water and silicone-based so it’s not thick like many conventional foundations and is perfect for the Gold Coast’s humid climate.”
The trick with this product is all in the technique. Your make-up artist can control how much comes out of the vacuum machine (which is perfect for fussy brides!) and can easily create a flawless look by using the right wrist action during the application.

It’s no secret that Gold Coast brides have the luxury of being bronzed almost all year round, but they also want to make sure their skin tone looks even and has absolutely no redness or strap marks on it!
And as with make-up there are many self tanners on the market, both at home and professional brands. According to Jodie, the best tip to ensure you are completely happy on your wedding day is to have trials before you walk down the aisle until you find one that is perfect for you.
The two hour tan is one which is growing in popularity around the Gold Coast but one Jodie says can sound too good to be true. “Most salons who offer the two hour tan use the 12% consistency which is great if you’re doing a bikini shoot on the beach, but can often leave brides looking orange.’’ It’s for this reason Jodie says her team offers an 8% consistency for brides which provides a natural glow without the orange tinge!
Jodie says that just because of its name, doesn’t mean that everyone can wash it off after two hours and have the perfect colour. “Some people might need four hours to let the tan process; it differs between each individual, so listen to the experts.”
Other than having a trial before your wedding, Jodie recommends moisturising before you get sprayed, focusing on any dry areas like your ankles, wrists, elbows and knees for best results.

For some brides the thought of putting together an entire look on their own can seem a little too daunting. Wondering if your hair style goes with your dress, and if your make-up matches your hair style is enough to cause many sleepless nights!
If this sounds like you, then perhaps a wedding stylist could be just what you need to take the pressure off. Jodie says the first piece of advice she gives her clients is to allow plenty of time. “Many brides don’t realise it can take 3-6 months to get a wedding gown into the country if purchased overseas, so don’t leave it until the last minute.”
Jodie says organising your dress should be the first thing you do, whether with a stylist or on your own. “Be very wary of internet purchases”, warns Jodie, “I have known some not to turn up at all.”

The next think you should consider is your hair. Do you want it up, down, curly or straight? Do you want a veil or accessories in your hair, or perhaps both?
According to Jodie, while it may seem fun purchasing several elaborate and shiny accessories for your hair, you need to work out what will look best with your dress as sometimes less is more. “Make sure you take any accessories including your veil to your trial so your hairdresser can style your hair around them and ensure your hair will still look amazing, even if you decide to take your veil out for the reception.”
It’s important to communicate with your stylist to get the benefits without any stress. Tell her exactly what’s on your mind and don’t be scared to ask those ‘stupid’ questions as it’s their job to make sure you remain relaxed and 100% happy with all your decisions throughout the entire process.
A good stylist will help you turn your dream into a reality by answering all the big questions and bringing everything to the table.

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