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Quirky Bonboniere Ideas

Quirky Bonboniere Ideas

Bonboniere, also known as sweet favours, are little gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation for their attendance at your wedding. They usually consist of five sugar-coated almonds wrapped in white tulle symbolising wealth, health, long life, fertility and happiness for the newlyweds.
But, if you don’t fancy tradition and are looking for something just that little bit different, we have collated some great ideas your guests will love.
Outside the square ideas
Sugared almonds and even the good old stubbie cooler are pretty common these days. Think candles in your wedding colour, with your guests’ names engraved. They can be utilized as gifts as well as place cards. Or you could opt for a beautifully crafted envelope, containing a lottery ticket, sitting on the table with ‘lucky in love’ written on it.
Label a bottle of clean skin wine with your names and wedding details for each guest, or if you are planning a beach wedding for example, make little ship wreck bottles and place a poem and your wedding details on the inside.
Sticking with the sweet stuff
If you want to keep with the tradition but do things a little different, why not scatter chocolates, wrapped in your wedding colours, all over the table. For extravagance, ask your cake designer to make miniature versions of your wedding cake for each guest.
Or, think completely outside the box and have a lolly buffet instead of bomboniere. They make for a spectacular display at your reception, a great talking point and they will give your guests something to do and also the energy to stay on the dance floor all night. Guests can then simply pick their own token of appreciation from the buffet to take home as a memory of your special day.


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