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Beautifully Supportive

Beautifully Supportive

To the untrained eye, a bride’s wedding day is all about what appears on the surface. The dress, hair, makeup, etc. But any conscientious bride knows it’s the finer details that are the most important. And one of the most crucial unseen details is also one of the most supportive, quite literally. Your wedding underwear. Choosing the right wedding underwear is crucial for comfort, look and feel.

The importance of fit

Apparently, nearly 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. In a study by Evedon, a badly fitted bra makes 59% of women feel more self-conscious, while just wearing a well-fitted bra makes two thirds of women feel more confident and comfortable!

Don’t be one of the 65% of women who feel that they have been affected either physically or psychologically as a result of wearing an ill-fitting bra, by getting fitted for the right-sized bra.

How to put on a bra

Yes, it might seem slightly ridiculous, or even patronising, but these really are a few helpful tips for getting into a bra!

1. Don’t hook the bra at the front and spin it around, as this will stretch

the bra. Instead, lean forward and ‘drop’ your bust into the cups.

2. Still in this position, hook the back of the bra on the loosest or second loosest fitting. As the bra wears, it will stretch, so tighten the back strap over time to ensure a continued perfect fit.

3. Now standing upright, put your hands inside the cups to lift and position your breasts into the cups so they fit in properly. Make sure you’ve ‘gathered’ any areas from around and below the cup so your whole bust is inside the cups. Wires should sit flat against your body and around the outside of each breast. There should be no wrinkles in the cups.

4. Hold the underwire and ‘jiggle’ the bra so your bust sits in the cups properly. If you notice any folds of fabric in the bra, pull the top of the cups gently upwards to let your bust fall to the very bottom of the cup.

5. Slip the straps off your shoulder and adjust them so they are not too loose or too tight. Just like with the back strap, tighten the shoulder straps over time.

Does it fit?


The back of your bra should fit snugly and run horizontally around your body, because if the back rides up, the front sags!


Your bust should be enclosed within the cup no matter what style the bra is.

Check there is no wrinkling and no bulging from the top or sides of the cups.


The underwires of your bra should sit flat against your body and not dig in or rest on the breast tissue.

Shoulder straps

Your shoulder straps should be comfortable and not dig in or leave red marks.

Your bust should be supported and not ‘sag’, sitting high and forward, not rest on your tummy or sticking out sideways. The fullest part of your bust should sit in between your shoulder and elbow.

Underwear care

Hot water can damage some fabrics like lace, embroidery and elastic, so always wash in cool water.

If not hand washing, use the gentle cycle and always fasten bras before securing in a lingerie wash bag. Bags prevent underwires becoming misshapen and damaging the machine.

Let lingerie drip dry and hang bras in half, not by the straps or fabric, as this may stretch them. Avoid using pegs, which may damage fabric.

Avoid tumble drying.

Underwear FAQ

Q: When should I purchase my bridal underwear?

A: Your bridal underwear must be purchased even before you have your first dress fitting, as your dress will be tailored to fit your bust in the bra you’ve chosen. It’s also important to know that the bra won’t show. Trying it on at your fitting will tell you if you need to have some clips added or remove trimmings in order to keep underwear hidden.

Q: What do you recommend for brides with a full bust?

A: Ideally, fuller busted brides will have chosen a dress that isn’t strapless, so that they don’t risk feeling unsupported. However, having said that, if you do opt for strapless, make sure your dressmaker builds firm support directly into the dress. Then you needn’t worry about a bra showing.

Q: I have one breast slightly bigger than the other. How should I go about choosing a bra?

A: Firstly, don’t worry, most women don’t have evenly sized breasts. Always buy bras sized to fit the larger side. Buying bras made from stretch lace will be less noticeable. Finally, if you are very conscious of it, opt for a bra with padding or ‘fillet’ pockets into which you can fit a small pad to even your bust out.

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