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Be the Most Romantic Groom

Be the Most Romantic Groom

Just because you’re sharing wedding rings, most definitely doesn’t mean that the spice goes out of your relationship.

Below are a few ideas to keep things romantic in the lead up to the big day and on the wedding day itself.

Send over a present on your wedding day for your fiancé to open while she’s getting ready. A piece of jewellery or something engraved with your wedding date is bound to go down well.

If your fiancé’s getting a bit stressed with all the planning, run her a bath and pour her a glass of wine – being romantic doesn’t always mean spending a fortune, being thoughtful is worth its weight in gold.

In the run-up to the big day send your bride some flowers and remind her why she’s marrying you. For an extra special touch add a romantic note to the bunch.

The week before the wedding make time to go on a final date together before you become man and wife. Book your favourite restaurant and leave all the wedding talk at home.

Get yourself a pair of personalised socks with your initials or the wedding date sewn into them. After the wedding, it’s one way of making sure you never forget your anniversary!

Wear your heart on your sleeve with a pair of heart-shaped cufflinks, or have a pair engraved with both your initials,or your wedding date.

Have the insides of your wedding rings engraved with a personal message that only the two of you know about.
On the morning of the wedding, call your bride and tell her how much you’re looking forward to seeing her later.

Have the back of your shirt or your cuffs embroidered with your bride’s name or the words “Lucky Man”. When you whip your jacket off for the dancing she’ll get a nice surprise.

Don’t stop telling her you love her and going on romantic dates together once you’re married. Be considerate, hold doors open for her and walk hand in hand in public.

Memorise the part of your speech where you mention your bride and look at her as you say it.

Make an effort to scrub up for the big day. Get a haircut, clean your nails or venture into one of the new-style grooming salons for a proper shave, manicure and facial.

Speak to your travel agent and organise a few treats for you both while you’re on honeymoon – such as a couples’ massage or a romantic beach picnic.


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