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Spring inspired hairpieces

Spring inspired hairpieces

Spring is in the air. With the turn of the season comes a lavish amount of beautiful flowers just perfect for your bouquet, button holes and corsage. Spring weddings mean using those gorgeous blooms throughout your ceremony and reception, but why not be the bride with a flower in her hair?

There are so many gorgeous ways you can incorporate spring into your wedding with oversized flowers, beautiful flowered veils and floral crowns.
We love these looks and they match perfectly with an outdoor spring wedding; think vintage Bohemian style to something straight out of the pages of a glam celeb magazine spread.

Whatever your taste and style, there’s a look to suit you whether you want over the top or just to keep it simple with a sprinkling of baby’s breath. It doesn’t have to be limited to the bride either. Bridesmaids can take a cue from your flower girls and even get the mother of the bride in on the sleek and chic floral action.
There are so many alternative ideas to a traditional veil, in fact you can even dot a few flowers around your veil too. These beauties will work for any beautiful bridal scenario. Not only that you can also mix sparkling crystals and feathers, sequins and other jewels to add to your adornment for a completely unique look.
Floral hairpieces are the latest trend on the wedding scene, with designers and milliners the world over using an array of varieties to form an enchanting and totally romantic feel – and there’s a look for your wedding and your personality. Make flowers your statement piece like you would a pair of earrings or a necklace.
Here are some key looks and how to use flowers in your hairpieces and even your veil. They scream spring wedding.

Top 5 ways to wear a flower in your hair on your wedding day

1. Single oversized flower
When it comes to a big oversized flower, nothing spells the freshness of spring than wearing one in your hair or on your head. Opt for a silk flower with beautiful jewels and feathers as adornments to really set it off. It will be just the ticket for a simple dress to turn your outfit into one that oozes elegance. This is definitely a designer look an avid flower lover simply can’t afford to go past. The other bonus is that you’ll be able to wear it again to a race day or gala ball.

2. Daisy chain – a new take on the 60’s-inspired phenomenon
Hair flowers will give your look an understated charm that no other hairpiece can achieve. A daisy chain worn in your hair is perfect for the relaxed bride who wants an air of classic chic about her. with a casual yet sophisticated piece to finish off her look. Daisies will always work wonders for this look, however, speak to your wedding designer or florist about other floral varieties and arrangements that can be achieved with this 1960’s-inspired style that’s making a fierce comeback up the aisle.

3. Blooms attached to your veil
Think a fresh ring of flowers or gorgeous silk blooms sewn into your veil, either around the top of it near your crown or dotted sporadically down it. This is a timeless and classic look with a beautiful floral touch. Give a subtle nod to spring with white or off-white shades. A wedding accessories designer will be able to help pull your overall look together.

4. Flower crown
Fall in love with the flower crown. These babies are the new darlings of weddings; the “it” accessory of the moment. You’ll be able to smell your bouquet in your hair. Each crown is different and unique, and will make a bold statement. You will definitely have a one-of-a-kind art piece as your headdress. We’re thinking a touch of wearable art to your outfit. You may need to speak with your florist for some design tips and the best blooms to use, but roses and baby’s breath will never go astray.

5. Side clip – think a corsage in your hair
This hairpiece is wonderful for a wedding because it makes a statement. Worn on the side with your hair down around it or as part of your up do, it will add a different kind of drama to your look. We’re thinking vintage chic marries contemporary style. And just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to wear white flowers either, you can have many different shades of pastels and pinks to keep your English rose feel or go for bold colours for that modern-day touch. There are no rules, so make up your own.
Floral inspiration is so at home at a spring wedding because it’s fresh, fun and fabulous – and especially if you are having a garden wedding. Spring is the best time for a wedding as all the new blooms come out to symbolise new life.
You can also use fresh flowers in other areas of your wedding such the cake, corsages for your flower girls (what’s more apt at a spring wedding than a flower girl?) and as bonbonniere gifts for your guests.
If creating a romantic day with a whimsical feel is your dream wedding, simply adding fresh blooms will help design your reality.

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