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Top your cake

Top your cake

Topping the wedding cake is an age-old tradition. Whether for cultural significance, a traditional family custom or as delightful decoration, the use of cake-toppers is alive and well, and gives wedding cakes a truly special exclamation mark.

Be your own cake-topper. Have your wedding photographer take a photo of you in funky wedding attire. Glue the photograph to sturdy, coated cardboard and trim to size, leaving extra cardboard at the bottom to push into the cake and hold the topper in place. This inventive idea makes a modern and fun statement.

Ask your florist to create a floral cake-topper – anything from delicate roses to bright gerbera blooms. By coordinating the arrangement with the bridal bouquet and placing the bridesmaids’ bouquets around the cake, you create a beautiful setting for your cake.

Consider topping your cake with a tiny potted tree that you plant together later as a symbol of your union. This is a wonderfully elegant variation on the traditional cake topping theme, and you’ll enjoy watching the tree grow as your marriage does.

When selecting an appropriate topper, remember that it should tie in with the style of your wedding, compliment the design of your cake, and match your personalities to define you as a couple. Have a vendor custom-make a miniature sculpture of you
and your fiancé in wedding finery, enjoying one of your favourite activities. Edible cake-toppers can be hand-made to resemble the bride and groom doing almost anything, such as skydiving, surfing or dancing. The cost of the personalised toppers will depend on the extent of detail in the design.

If the traditional iced finery just isn’t your style, crown your cake with a toy, memento or travel souvenir that makes a statement about you both. For instance, if you are avid beachgoers, why not deck the top of your cake with two tiny surfboards or beach-patrol flags; if you are honeymooning in Fiji, consider a miniature palm tree. Collectable pop culture and objets d’art of decades past, such as classic Ken and Barbie dolls, are also fun and unique choices. Ask a specialist baker or chocolatier to create a unique masterpiece in marzipan, icing or chocolate: a pair of swans, a tumble of ribbons and bows, or whatever you fancy.

For an informal wedding, a colourful gingerbread couple may be just right to top off your cake. Why not choose a beautiful fine-china or crystal figurine of a bride and groom, bells, doves or flowers and add it to your wedding gift registry list. This lovely centrepiece could be placed on your own cake and handed down to grace the
wedding cakes of future generations. Top off your cake with a small music box that when opened displays a tiny couple dancing to the same music you are choosing for your wedding dance. Create an edible fantasy with sugar-coated fruit and flowers.
Your florist can advise about edible, pesticide-free blooms and can help you design a floral gastronomic arrangement to make your guests’ mouths water.

When choosing the perfect ornament for your cake, you must consider its weight. Heavy ornaments will require extra support so that gravity does not topple the topper and damage the cake.

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