Beach vibes

Beach vibes

“So, where shall we get married?”
Does this question sound familiar?

If you are a bride-to-be then you have probably asked yourself – your fiancé, family, friends and even strangers – this question quite a few times already.
The location and venue that you decide on is the first of many big decisions you’ll need to make for your wedding and will shape the look and feel of your day with everything else simply working around it. So it can’t be taken lightly.

So how should you decide on decorations for your beach venue this season? It’s simple, getting married on the Tweed or Gold Coasts can mean one of two things. You are either a local, or you just love the beach!

Sommer, the Wedding and Functions Coordinator at the Tugun Surf Club says most brides who step through the doors opt for a beach-themed style for their decor simply because they love the beach.
“I think most people who choose to marry in the region want to have a beach theme”, she says.
“Most brides don’t really follow any trend with their decor; they tend to like the blue and white or all white look on the day because it ties in with the sea and the sand along the coast.”
When it comes to styling tables it can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like.
“Round glass bowls with starfish inside are popular, as are candles, mirrors and bamboo placemats, and the trend isn’t going away anytime soon”, says Sommer.
“Hessian, lace and the vintage feel was really big last year and 2015 looks to be the same.”

Rainbow Shore, the Event Planner at An Island Hideaway agrees the rustic, vintage; beach theme is still making waves in venues across the coast this season.
“Our brides want hessian in the reception area and as runners along tables and around chairs”, she says.
“To work in the beach theme we use local sand to scatter along the hessian runners as well as a mix of different shaped shells and starfish.”
A large vase filled with sand, water and a candle will add a touch of glamour to any beach wedding, while keeping the romantic, simplistic feel.
For beach brides the need for an over the top formal wedding is unnecessary with this look working best with simple decorations. A rustic looking blackboard it a great addition to any beach wedding to showcase the names of the bride and groom at the front of the venue or to write messages or quotes inside the reception area.

If you are at the beginning of your journey then don’t be alarmed if you have no clue to what you want your wedding to be like. According to Sommer many brides have no idea what they want when they step into the room, but with an open mind they soon start to get an idea of what they like.
“After I show them what we can offer they start to know what they really want and it goes from there”, she says. It always helps to talk to the local wedding decorators to see what works well together.
The great thing about a beach theme is that it compliments any style dress and any colour scheme.
“I don’t think brides always dress according to the venue”, says Rainbow.
“I’ve seen many brides in all kinds of styles and they usually add a touch of something to match the venue through their bridesmaids like a flower or the bridesmaid’s dresses.”
The options are endless, just make sure you do what you want and enjoy every step of the journey.



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