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Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Meet the generation of couples who are doing things differently when it comes to their wedding. They are making it personal, saving their hard-earned cash, bringing their own unique ideas to the bridal table and having a party rather than a “wedding”.

Local wedding and event stylist Helena Duncan, from www.helenaeventdesign.com.au, sees a host of different and fun ideas in her job – she helps create them – but nothing quite like the Lego place cards at a recent wedding.
The groom was a Lego fanatic and so they collected about eighty different Lego characters and attached the guest name to the base of the Lego. They looked really cool and at the same time it was a great way to inject some personality into their wedding.

How about the pumpkin-themed dessert bar she recently styled?
Brides are tending to go for dessert bars, rather than lolly bars. It gives more variety to the typical alternate drop-style option provided by the caterer and if you can make them yourself (or get some help from family and friends). It’s also an area where you can save money. “I styled a pumpkin themed dessert bar earlier this year, they had pumpkin flavoured muffins, pumpkin tarts and pumpkin cheesecakes. As part of the styling for the table I bought big Jap pumpkins from the supermarket and painted them white and sat them on timber crates” says Helena.

Wedding favours are also another area where many brides have opted to do something different.
At recent weddings, the bride and groom have made chilli and garlic-infused olive oil for their guests, jars of homemade jam and even dukkah.
It’s not expected that you give your guests a little gift of thanks, but if you do decide to spend the money, why not give them something that won’t get left behind for the cleaners at the end of the night!

Brides have also decided on handmade decorations in lieu of fresh flowers, for example, flowers made from paper doilies, tissue paper, printed craft paper and even old sewing pattern paper. At a recent wedding the theme was a colourful retro cocktail party decorated with brightly coloured paper rosettes placed in white milk glass vases with yellow billy buttons.

People are also turning to social media now as a way to get extra pics of their special night, as opposed to paying for photo booths, which are still hugely popular. Apps such as Instagram are a big hit at weddings. With signage to prompt the Instagram users to use a specific hashtag on the night when taking photos on their phone, for example, #joeandsarahswedding it’s very user friendly. After the wedding the bride and groom can then have the photos printed in Polaroid style.

There are so many aspects that can influence the theme of a wedding, such as movies of course, which we saw this year with the release of The Great Gatsby, as well as programs like Downtown Abbey.
Other influences can be a piece of jewellery that may hold sentimental value to the bride and then the whole look and style is built around this one small item. One bride who caught an image of individual roses hanging from the ceiling in a music clip incorporated this vision into her design.
The vintage, mix-match trend in weddings, which has been around for a long time is still popular, however, I think in the near future we will see a move towards a more opulent and modernised eclectic look.
In contrast to the current trend of styling with an assortment of jars, bottles and other treasures found in second hand stores, we will start to see centrepieces featuring modern vases filled with big and bold floral arrangements complimented with loads of greenery, paired with candle holders that are new, but perhaps have a unique element to them.
Various textures throughout the design will still be popular, whether it be through linen or any type of glassware, however, once again the objects being used will be brand new as opposed to salvaged.
Pops of bright colour will also be popular in order to add a statement of individuality to the overall design. The new materials now used in artificial flowers are so life like, and in the hands of a skilled artist, can be transformed into the most amazing displays making it easy to choose colour and style all year round.

Follow the ‘Hamptons’ theme, which could tie into a beach wedding or a formal affair. Think white timber lounges and cane chairs. The look is synonymous with the rich and famous but doesn’t need to cost the earth. Use natural light and bring the outside in with plants and driftwood. Go for clear glass jars filled with rustic timber pieces or shells, and dot vintage flair throughout the area. Light colours are the feature here, so try light blue, lemon yellow or a soft aqua along with neutral accents when it comes to furniture, mirrors, cushions and other accessories. It really is easier than you may think.

Top 5 fun ideas for your wedding

Play party games: The bride and groom of a recent Gold Coast wedding played a game of how well they knew each other. It added a fun element to the after dinner festivities and got the whole crowd laughing and involved.

Offer a dessert bar: Couples are adding an element of creativity to their menus with a dessert or lolly bar instead of simply the cake. Cake pops are also popular.

Make food fun: Guests at an all-day long wedding were treated to a wok chef after an early dinner to satisfy hunger. The chef cooked in front of guests and served a variety of wok-cooked dishes. You could also hire an ice cream truck or hot dog van.

Change up the guest book: While wedding trends have seen the demise of the “traditional” wedding, the guest book is making a comeback as something more creative. Try a blank photo frame, a piece of art or puzzle pieces for guests to sign.

Try a ‘Hamptons’ theme, white timber lounges and cane chairs. The look is synonymous with the rich and famous but doesn’t need to cost the earth. Think huge white paper flowers, white timber tables, ‘dream’ and ‘love’ scripted signs.


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