Spring Trends

Spring Trends

There is no better time to get married on the Gold Coast like spring time. The weather is warmer but not too hot, the flowers are starting to bloom making it a perfect time of year for weddings.

So what should you look for this season when planning your wedding? Think bright colours, sheer overlays and beautiful fresh flowers.

Colour pop

White wedding décor is a perfect base for any wedding. It feels clean, fresh and looks crisp and elegant. But this spring why not add just a touch of your favourite colour by adding a splash throughout the décor.

If you keep a theme going from the very start of your planning process then it will all tie in at the end.


Keep your invitations simple, and just add a pop of colour as part of the border around the invite or even just the envelope.

Chair covers

If you plan on adding colour to your chairs then a simple ribbon or flower will make a big impact. Especially when there are so many of them!


Candles always add a magical touch to a wedding. The great thing is they are available in any colour and a simple way to add a ‘pop’ to your decor.


Whether just want a few flowers around the venue or loads on every table, they are a simple and effective choice to add colour to your big day. The great thing about spring is that most flowers are in bloom making your choice much easier. In the warmer months Gold Coast florists sometimes have to order flowers from interstate which can add to the cost of your order. Roses are always a popular choice for an elegant, timeless look and the great thing about these flowers is that they come in almost any colour! Freesias, peonies, lilies, orchids and frangipanis are also great this season.


While most people like to keep napkins white and just part of the furniture, there is no reason why you can’t get creative and make them a statement on your table.

Name cards

You can get as creative as you want when it comes to name cards on tables. Why not place a coloured card with the names printed on them inside small white frames. It makes a great gift for your guests at the same time!


There are no rules as to how you decorate your cake, so why not make it a feature in the reception.

Thank you cards

If you began the decorating process with the invitations then finishing with thank you cards would be a grand finale.

Top trends in colour

While most colours are always perfect for any wedding as it is such an individual event why not experiment with some different colour combinations for your big day.
This spring try combining yellow and greens, tangerine and white, emerald and white or lilac and white for a fresh look. Blush is a great colour choice which will suit any wedding venue and looks beautiful on anyone who wears it. Mint is still a popular choice and looks great, especially for beach weddings.

Start sparkling

While a nice statement necklace or hairpiece is beautiful and looks stunning on any bride, why stop there? Adding lots of sparkle to your wedding – if done right – can look elegant and amazing. Try adding brooches with your colour choice to your shoes, a beautiful belt, on your bouquet, on top of your cake, on your invitations and even incorporate some on the tables.


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