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Great Gatsby Fashion

Great Gatsby Fashion

Gatsby Fever

Brides have taken a step back in time, encapsulated by the romance and elegance of The Great Gatsby.

The wedding world is a buzz as spring fever hits, but brides all over the Gold Coast have only one word on their luscious red lips – Gatsby.

Since Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ blockbuster film premiered earlier this year, a new bridal trend has been sweeping the industry. More than just vintage or retro, Great Gatsby style is about the glamorous and timeless look that is the 1920s woman – think Daisy Buchanan – and the art deco period of history that no one will ever forget. It’s opulent, dazzling and luxurious.

Brides are recreating their own roaring ‘20s party, with only a touch of flapper fanfare by way of a diamanté headpiece and red lips, or the entire experience complete with Charleston dancers and fire twirlers.

The bride and her 1920s wedding

Gold Coast bride-to-be Kate Bamberry fell in love with the style well before Leonardo Di Caprio sauntered on to our screens as Jay Gatsby – aka The Great Gatsby.

“I have always loved this look, but since The Great Gatsby hit our movie screens I have definitely noticed the trend, particularly in wedding dresses with vintage lace, head caps, fitted and fluted mermaid-style dresses, art deco bridal sashes and bolder more accentuating make-up,” she says. “In decorations, it’s more about art deco patterns on wedding cakes, table runners, posters and invitations. I’ve also been looking into French motifs and cakes such as a French wedding cake or croquembouche.

“My dress has a French art-deco-style sash and is traditionally long and fitted with a train. It has soft organza triangles at the bust, typical of the ‘20s trend as triangles and geometric patterns feature in art deco styling. My lipstick will be red, I’ll have colour on my cheeks (Gatsby style) and my eye make-up will be simple and outlined in black. Hair is a high bun, inspired by French catwalks. I have found anything French works with the Gatsby theme.”

“The movie’s release has made planning our wedding a lot easier because pieces I need to reflect the 1920s style are widely available,” says Kate. “We have even asked our guests to get into theme and add some 1920s flair to their outfits, so it has also been easier for them as there are a lot of beautiful vintage, art deco and 1920s-themed dresses in shops right now.”

Kate’s calling her wedding “1920s, jazz age and art deco inspired” and while it may not be a scene from Jay Gatsby’s tempestuous festivities, their exclusive garden party will include Charleston dancers and fire twirlers.

“The setting is at our home in the garden, with marquees that open out to on the deck overlooking the Gold Coast Broadwater,” she says. “The flowers are soft pastels with bright blues. lavender, roses and baby’s breath feature heavily. My bouquet is cascading and I won’t be throwing it because it’s too beautiful.

“The movie was very over the top with the party scene, we have toned it down but are still having some fun entertainment for our guests that will make them feel like they have stepped back into the 1920s. Charleston dancers will perform on our lower deck to kick off the reception. The lady will be wearing a pink fringe dress and the man will wear a suit with tails. Very Gatsby.

“We have also hired a French chef who will spin toffee in front of guests for our French wedding cake and we also have a fire-and-ice theme with an ice bar full of Chandon champagne and fire twirlers performing on our jetty later in the night.”

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