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Hair Flair Gatsby Style

Hair Flair Gatsby Style

A classic look never goes out of fashion when it comes to hair and make-up. We live in such a modern world now and looks have changed over the eras, it’s beautiful to see people still appreciate a ‘back in the day’ look. The 1920s were famous for timeless style and glam.

The Great Gatsby has revived fashion, hair and make-up trends from the roaring ‘20s and brides are now asking for more glam in their hair with a feature comb or diamanté decals and pin-curl waves to go with their red lips and lacy dresses. Brides are choosing birdcage veils, diamanté hair pieces situated off to the side of the face fastened in their hair and jewels on combs.

If you are a lover of all things vintage, you’ll be smitten with the stylish Gatsby-inspired wedding theme that has really put the ‘glitter’ in Glitter Strip.


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