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Make-Up Matters

Make-Up Matters

Brides are relishing in the elegance and opulence of the Gatsby style.

The 1920s Gatsby look is perfect skin, so professional makeup artists suggest brides invest in some pre-wedding facials so their skin is fresh and bright. It really is about preparing your skin so it looks its best on your big day and your make-up will look fresher for longer. Traditionally, women in the ‘20s had pale skin, so maybe ask your make-up artist to try a slightly lighter foundation during the trial to achieve this look. Of course, the modern bride may just match her foundation to her skin and go for bold brows and red lips.

The look is definitely all about the eyes and lips. The eyes were rather dark and women used charcoal grey with black eyeliner to finish off, but using lashes will really complete the look. The brows were truly unique in this era, with a thin downward slope and quite a high arch.

The signature 1920’s make-up consists of a porcelain, ivory face, with an orange or rose blush, while the top lip is formed in a Cupid’s bow and the bottom lip slightly exaggerated past the lip line in the centre. Traditionally, they wore a red lipstick though a bold red colour is suited to women with full lips. Unfortunately, thin lips don’t achieve this particular look.


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