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Baby’s Breath Posies

Baby’s Breath Posies

Roses are red, violets are blue, but did you know baby’s breath is back in a big way for brides too?

Back in the day a basic bouquet of herbs and orange blossoms were bundled together for a bride to hold during the wedding ceremony because it was thought to bring good fertility. Nowadays a wedding bouquet is simply seen as a beautiful accessory to compliment the bride, bridal party and the wedding. These days, during the organising stages of a wedding, many florists are questioned about colours and themes when speaking to brides – the topic of fertility is very rarely spoken of!

We are lucky here on the Gold Coast that almost any bloom is available at this time of year; the only challenge for brides is that there are so many to choose from! The coast’s leading florists agree that most flower varieties are perfect to use in a bouquet as long as they are stored correctly in the lead up to the wedding, especially on a hot and humid day. All you need to do is have a flick through magazines and have a browse on Google or Pintrest to see what style of bouquet you like.

This season brides are tending to opt for a just picked from the garden look for their bouquet which works well especially for outdoor and beach weddings. White bouquets are still big this season, but many brides are also requesting pops of colour such as orange and royal blue which are also both big fashion trends. Mint green and turquoise are also both still big this season. Brides are being more experimental with colours and styles, and we are also seeing a slow return to more fully wired bouquets. The trend is moving away from the traditional teardrop shape though, to a less-structured bouquet, but still fully wired. Cerise (pink), teal, yellow and purple are also this year’s favourite colours, but we are now starting to see lots of nude colours for the bridesmaids and groomsmen instead of brights, so we predict this will be the next trend.

The most popular flowers for weddings on the Coast are still the one and only bouquet of roses. Then again brides are moving more towards mixed bouquets using seasonal flowers that last a lot longer, especially in summer when the heat can be damaging to the flowers.

Our tip for brides: Choosing seasonal flowers is one of the best things a bride can do because not only will they last longer, but they will generally be less expensive and are easier for florists to source.

Bouquets, buttonholes and flowers are still very much a huge part of the wedding, with the majority of Gold Coast brides considering their flowers to be extremely important to the overall look of the wedding.

However, they don’t always choose their flowers depending on the venue or theme of the wedding. We have seen brides who have very formal arrangements for a beach wedding and others who have loose, unstructured bouquets for church weddings.

Most brides also organise to have a ‘fake’ posy made for the age old tradition of the tossing of the bouquet. This custom stems back to England where the female guests would attempt to rip pieces of the brides’ bouquet and dress to obtain some of her luck. These days, most brides tend to keep her ‘real’ bouquet and toss the ‘fake’ one into a crowd of single female guests, with the belief that whoever catches it would be the next one to walk down the aisle. They are usually pretty cheap or complimentary from your florist, and are a great way to ensure you keep your ‘real’ bouquet forever.

If flowers are not you forte then here are some ideas on which varieties might work best for your bouquet. Don’t forget to speak to one of the friendly Gold Coast florists who will be happy to help you in any way.

The rose would have to be one of the most popular flowers for a wedding bouquet. They have become a favourite for brides as they are available in almost any colour, work well with other flowers to give your bouquet any look you desire. There are several different types of roses to choose from. One of the most popular for brides are David Austin Roses which are known for their elegant, rustic look and amazing aroma. Parfume De Grande, Julia and Belle Story also work well and are nicely scented.

Another great smelling flower, peonies are perfect for a bouquet because of their fullness and summer is the best time to purchase them so you are in luck! They are available in beautiful shades of pinks, reds and work wonderfully with David Austin Roses.

These sweet smelling flowers are highly sought after for wedding and rightly so with their funnel shaped flowers which look amazing when mixed with other flower varieties. The Freesia is perfect for the natural picked from the garden look and is available in shades of red, yellow, white and mauve. These flowers are great for bouquets as they have gentle petals and sturdy stems making them durable during weddings. These flowers are readily available during the summer months and work well with roses and tulips.

There are three types of Tulips; Regular tulips, Parrot tulips and French tulips. Regular tulips are easily identifiable and the most common. They look amazing in a simple or full bouquet on their own or mixed in with other blooms for an elegant looking bouquet.

Storage tips
Leading florists will usually try and drop bouquets to you as close to the wedding as possible to ensure they look fresh and vibrant when you walk down the aisle. Once they are in your care it is recommended that you keep them refrigerated if possible or at least close to air-con to prevent them from wilting especially on hot days.

The 1980s hit posy filler is in fashion again and on trend as a stand-alone feature for wedding bouquets. It is one of the top five floral bridal trends this summer. Our tips for 2014 wedding flower styles are:

• Gypsophilia bouquets (AKA baby’s breath)
• Unstructured, loose, hand-wired bouquets
• Simple hand-tied bunches of peonies or roses
• Vintage-style, hand-held or wired bouquets using seasonal flowers
• Bouquets using a wide range of colours and textures


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