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Flowers for the Bridesmaids

Flowers for the Bridesmaids

Completing your bridesmaids’ outfits with co-ordinating flowers and decorations will undoubtedly help you achieve a polished finish to the bridal party.

Giving your bridesmaids flowers to carry is a great way of complementing your bouquet and adding glamour to their dresses and the whole ceremony. When choosing the perfect flowers, it’s important to consider the age of the bridesmaids and their style and colour of outfits.

With older bridesmaids, opt for simple posies – perhaps small versions of the bridal bouquet – a corsage or even just an elegant flower in the hair. When it comes to much younger bridesmaids or flowergirls, you can opt for pretty floral circlets for the hair, wrist corsages, posies and even baskets of fresh petals for the girls to sprinkle down the aisle before you. Very young flowergirls with tiny hands might not be comfortable carrying something so hair circlets and wrist corsages are the perfect option for them.

When planning the colour, either stay with the same flowers that are in your bouquet or add in another shade. For example, if you’re having a white bouquet and your bridesmaids are wearing pink, they might carry a combination of pink and white flowers.

Consider the style of outfit they’re wearing too, and their height. A tall bridesmaid might be able to carry off a large posy while a shorter bridesmaid could feel swamped by too many flowers. Always choose a compromise, that way all your bridesmaids will be happy on the day.

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