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Honeymooning in Your Own Backyard

Honeymooning in Your Own Backyard

Once the exciting rush of celebrations, speeches, food and champagne has passed and given way to the idyllic days of the honeymoon, you’ll finally find time to reminisce, unwind and spend some time alone. This holiday is your own personal celebration and the perfect way to begin your new life together.

Making a decision about where to go for your honeymoon however, can be difficult with so many things to keep in mind. As weddings are often quite costly, stretching the budget even further for an expensive overseas holiday can put a strain on your start to married life.
So, why not stir away from faraway places and enjoy your own backyard for an exquisite honeymoon? There are plenty of things to do and see on our beautiful Gold Coast and the best thing is you are already here.

Romance at home
Far away destinations are not only tiring to get to after the exhausting lead up to a wedding, but can also be a lot more expensive than honeymooning at home.
Honeymooning in your own backyard allows couples to truly relax after the whirlwind of wedding planning – there are no complex travel arrangements, time zones or international currencies and languages to deal with.

But what to do if you stay at home? Why not take a trip down memory lane for example, and visit the place where you and your partner first met. Take your honeymoon as an opportunity to discover all the things you always wanted to see around your home town – you never know, you may be surprised with what you find.
Saving all that money on travel costs will also allow you to splurge a little. Treat yourself to a delectable meal at that fabulous restaurant you have always wanted to visit and do the things you have never had time for in the past.

A Byron good time
The Gold Coast comprises bountiful places to see, things to do and opportunities to relax. One of the nearby honeymoon highlights would have to be Byron Bay. Bordered on one side by beautiful coastline and fringed on the other by magnificent rainforests, Byron Bay is ideally positioned as a bustling centre for relaxation and activity.
Couples wanting to experience the natural surroundings can partake in activities such as kayaking with the dolphins, snorkelling and scuba diving or head inland to discover world heritage national parks and lush rainforests. While the adventurous can try tandem skydiving, horse riding along the beach, hang gliding or surfing.

Head into the mountains
With myriad vineyards to visit during the day, exhilarating walks to be discovered and shops as well as restaurants and cafes to be explored, Mt Tamborine will leave nothing to be desired.
When choosing your accommodation on Tamborine Mountain and surrounds, there are plenty of options. You may even decide to swap and change a few times just to make the most of it. Some of Australia’s finest B&B’s and luxurious boutique hotels can be found right here.

Relax by the beach

With the majestic Tweed Valley as a backdrop and pristine Kingscliff Beach just moments away, Salt Village is a stunning honeymoon destination and should definitely be amongst your options when choosing where to stay. Newlyweds can laze by the pool, be pampered with a spa treatment and take advantage of the pristine beaches, cycle tracks and walkways at their doorstop.

Things to keep in mind
The main thing you should keep in mind when honeymooning at home, is that a honeymoon should present some time for you and your partner to spend together. Make sure your cell phones are turned off and ask your friends, family and maybe even work to respect the time you deserve together as newlyweds.
Honeymoons at home are always a great alternative to travelling overseas, but especially given the fact that the Gold Coast already is one of the most beautiful and diverse parts of the world and we have only listed a few of its treasures. So give it a try and make the most of it…you won’t be disappointed


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