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Secure your honeymoon with a $99 deposit and let your wedding guests do the rest

Secure your honeymoon with a $99 deposit and let your wedding guests do the rest

Wedding planning can be exciting, yet overwhelming and costly, so after the big day is over, all you
and your partner really want to do is relax and enjoy newlywed bliss in a picture-perfect location.

To assist the bride and groom have their dream honeymoon, My Holiday Centre offers a convenient
‘honeymoon wishing well’ service, which enables the bridal couple to invite their wedding guests to
contribute to the overall costs of the honeymoon – leaving them to feel confident that they have locked
in their preferred destination with a nominal deposit of $99 per person.

My Holiday Centre understands the importance of a memorable honeymoon, so they have crafted a
collection of romantic honeymoon packages to the world’s most charming destinations, which are sure
to put the icing on your already-perfect wedding cake!

The impressive collection of destinations and packages each includes luxury accommodation and
return airfares, plus amazing bonuses, which all cater to the dreams and desires of the soon to be
‘husband and wife’.

From those who want a bikini and martini beach escape to those looking for more adventure, My
Holiday Centre has the perfect honeymoon packages.

According to the team at My Holiday Centre, most newlyweds are looking for total relaxation and
favouring 4-star and 5-star hotels in destinations, such as Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Fiji, and Queensland
for a tropical beach honeymoon.

My Holiday Centre also offers couples looking for soft adventure a range of packages to Malaysia,
where you can hang out with Orangutans, climb Mt Kinabalu and shop to your hearts content in Kuala
Lumpur, as well as packages in the USA, where you can gaze over the Manhattan skyline from the
Empire State building, cruise down Highway 1 in California or enjoy a sumptuous gumbo in New

Marketing Director, Kim Skilton, said the honeymoon wishing well concept had proved to be a popular
alternative wedding gift, since it is both convenient for guests to purchase and personalised to the
couple’s wishes. “Many couples, nowadays, have been living together before they decide to get married, so they are
likely to have all the typical home wares such as white goods, kitchen appliances and linen,” said Kim.
“The gift of a honeymoon truly provides lasting memories for the couple and the best part is that they
can remember it was made possible by the generosity of their closest family and friends,” she said.

My Holiday Centre provides the couple with beautiful, personalised Wishing Well cards that they can
send to their wedding guests, with information on how they can to contribute to your honeymoon.
“The bride and groom simply need to choose which amazing honeymoon destination they wish to
book and we will take care of the rest, from booking the most suitable flights to arranging rose petals
on the bed.

“If you’re not sure where to go or just how much money you will have to spend, you can still book the
wishing well services and decide on a location up to two months before your honeymoon,” she said.
“The only thing we don’t do, is pack their suitcase!”

Below are the simple steps for honeymooners to get started.
Steps for booking a Honeymoon Wishing Well with My Holiday Centre:
1. Pay $99* per person and choose your dreamy destination and package. If you can’t decide on
which exotic location is for you, you can think about it a little longer and confirm up to 60 days
before you plan on travelling.
2. Receive Wishing Well cards to send to family & friends asking them to contribute to your
3. Wedding guests have up to 30 days prior to your departure to contribute to your honeymoon,
when full payment is required. If you have more funds in your account than required, why not
upgrade your room or extend your honeymoon. If your Wishing Well account balance is less than
the honeymoon you have booked, you will be required to pay the difference between the cost of
your honeymoon and the balance in your account.
4. Pack your bags! You are off on your dream honeymoon!
Top Tip: The earlier you book your preferred honeymoon package, the more chance it will available
on your preferred dates
*A small fee of $19.90 will apply for this service for up to 100 personalised Wishing Well cards.
For more details, call a My Holiday Centre honeymoon expert on 1300 642 642 or see
myholidaycentre.com.au for more details.

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