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Getting it Perfect for Your Big Day

Getting it Perfect for Your Big Day

What goes best with an engagement ring? Well, of course, a wedding ring. But what style? Over the past decade many brides have upgraded their thinking from the unadorned wedding ring to a matching diamond band. Nothing matches brilliant diamonds like even more diamonds. There’s certainly no such thing as too much sparkle.

If your decision is to go with the diamond wedding band, it’s a matter of ensuring the diamonds are of similar quality to the engagement ring. For this you require to be either an experienced gemmologist or have the services of a trained diamond specialist on hand. On the Gold Coast probably the best known is Catherine Pevy-Trewartha of My Jewellery Shop in Nobby Beach. She is more than a mere jewellery retailer. Her knowledge of diamonds speaks volumes of her experience. She can explain in easy to understand language what the 4Cs mean and what their relevance to brilliance is. When it comes to choosing a diamond many people tend to think of carat weight – the size of the diamond. However, Catherine points out, “Size has little relevance to brilliance. Cut, colour and clarity are far more important. These three factors come together to create a brilliance that can make a smaller diamond actually look larger than a bigger, dull one.”

As the wedding day approaches Catherine encourages you to drop your engagement ring in for a special clean so it, like you, looks its best on the big day. This service is free.

Of course as well as being able to show you many examples of matching wedding bands, she can also offer suggestions for bridal accessories such as diamond studs and pendants.

Catherine can also help with suggestions for that very special thank-you gift for the mother of the bride, attendants and flower girls, as well as accessories for the guys too. To compliment the diamond jewellery, Catherine has exclusive Perl’Eco South Sea pearl strands, earrings and pendants among many other lasting symbols to mark your big day.


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