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Indoors or outdoors

Indoors or outdoors

Should we hold our wedding reception indoors or out? Before deciding whether you should have your wedding reception outside or inside, there are a number of important factors that you will first want to take into consideration. Firstly the weather. Not always predictable lately on the Gold Coast, but generally during the winter months it tends to be dry. So if you do wish for a totally outdoor wedding do be prepared for wind and possible rain. Still, given that a nine degree evening is not out of the question, if you’re considering hosting your reception outdoors (under a pergola, marquee or similar) it’s probably wise to consider a few heating options.

Open fire
This is undeniably the most romantic option, but also the most dangerous. If you’d rather stay away from the fire in a big rusty barrel, or a bonfire on the beach (which is not allowed anyway), then consider hiring a couple of chimineas. You’ll need to guard off the surrounding area, as they are very hot to the touch, but also very effective at heating and cheap to run.
A brazier is similar to a chiminea, except it’s made from steel. It’s also hot to touch and even cheaper to run, but not quite as effective as a chiminea. You can get both from most hardware or outdoor suppliers.

Gas heating
Definitely a safer option, is the gas patio heater. Slightly more expensive to operate, these are a far safer option if children or drunk adults are around. They’ll spread heat to up to a five metre radius, so you’ll need to put some thought into placement. Spare gas bottles are also a good idea to have on hand, and beware as strong winds may well cause them to switch off.

Wrapping up
It doesn’t just have to be your gifts that are wrapped. You might like to offer blankets to your guests to wrap up warm. Blankets can even become part of your wedding colour scheme if you choose wisely.

Safety first
Always get permission from the venue before lighting up any appliances or flames; Advise guests with children in advance if you plan to use heating devices that will be hot or use a naked flame; Appoint your MC the fire warden and have him or her warn all the other guests of fire dangers and exits on the evening; and make sure the venue is fitted with appropriate fire safety and emergency equipment.

Beware the bamboo flare
While fire and heat go hand in hand, lit candles or flares also give a lovely ambience; so do consider your lighting options as potential heat sources too. A friend of mine went to a beautiful, subtly lit garden party wedding a few years ago. She said she had a great time, but when she arrived home and stood under the fluorescent light in her bathroom, she noticed the bamboo flares at the party had released clouds of ash that coated her entire body. Her dress was ruined, her hair a mess and her pores clogged with dirt. So beware the bamboo flare and keep them well away from your guests.

Cost is another important factor when choosing where to hold your wedding. Generally speaking, many brides and grooms find it more affordable to host a wedding reception outdoors.
This is mostly due to a self-owned property or property owned by relatives. In these instances, no venue rental fees are needed.
Of course, it is important to note that not all establishments have high rental fees. In addition to traditional banquet rooms, many bars and restaurants rent out their establishments for private parties, including weddings.

Your dreams are another factor. Although weather and cost are important, you should not have to settle for anything less than your first choice on your wedding day. If you wish to have a casual wedding reception outdoors, you should take steps to ensure that is what you get.

If you are still unable to decide between an indoor or an outdoor wedding, you may want to check out wedding venues that give you the best of both worlds. Many establishments have beautiful indoor reception rooms, as well as breathtakingly beautiful scenery outdoors.
Not only could you possibly use both spaces to your advantage, but you are essentially provided with a backup plan, which is always an added bonus when it comes to the most important day of your life.
Marquees are one option available for a semi-outdoor wedding. You still have the benefit of having your day outdoors, but also have the necessary cover for inclement weather. They come in a number of different sizes, ensuring that all guests will be covered. Many marquees also come with removable clear waterproof sides allowing you to make the most of a stunning view even in bad weather.
Decorating marquees can be done by yourselves or by a professional.
Check with the hiring company about what they supply. A wooden dance floor, tables and chairs and toilet. Heating for a winter wedding and air-conditioning for the warmer months. Power for the music and any permits required through your local council.



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