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Capturing Memorable Moments

Capturing Memorable Moments

Every couple wants to capture the special moments of their day. Usually it’s on film. But why not opt for something different – a truly unique artistic form that will give you a memento of your big day that you will never forget.

Of course it’s not a bad idea to also stick with the traditional methods like a photographer and/or videographer. You can even use some of your photos later on to produce a great piece of art.

Why not consider having one of your favourite photos – or a series of similar shots – turned into one or more canvasses? A series of gorgeous wedding images, either in vivid colours or black and white, might be the perfect thing to hang above your bed or feature in your lounge room. There are heaps of websites that will help you do this online, or take the image on a CD down to your local photo shop.

You might want to take a couple of photos along to an artist and ask them to turn them into a sketch or painting. This saves you having to sit while a portrait is being done, and allows you more control over the final result. You could even have lots of copies made on a postcard and distribute them to your guests as thank you notes.

For something truly unique, after the wedding, purchase a lifecasting kit (available online or at craft stores) and create a statue of you and your husbands intertwined hands and wedding bands. If you want something even more personalised, have it prepared beforehand and have your guests sign the statue. Alternatively, use a crystal kit to create a glass-like statue.

Guest created artwork is another way to create a special memory. From paper tablecloths that they can sign, to plates you can fire after signing, there are so many options available. What about these ideas:

  • Leather-bound book
  • Teddy bear
  • Provide guests with a Polaroid camera and have them write a special message on a photo of themselves
  • Plain wooden puzzle guests can each sign a piece of
  • Pass around a steel platter with a diamond tipped pen for guests to engrave
  • Offer bright or metallic fabric markers so your guests can sign a tea towel, pillows or wall hanging

After the wedding it’s nice to be able to remember the items on the day that gave you the most joy. So don’t watch your flowers wither away and die, and certainly don’t store your dress away in the back of a closet! Have both professionally packaged and keep somewhere that is safe but easily accessible. You might like to dry and frame your flowers in a box frame, or press them and create a flat bouquet – a local artist can probably help you with the design and materials.


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