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Perfecting the Photo Pose

Perfecting the Photo Pose

Ever looked at a photo and thought “I can’t possibly look like that”? The reality is, you probably don’t. Cameras don’t shoot you in 3D, and without the flattering lighting of a studio environment; a camera just can’t capture your dimensions with all your angles and real life elements. In a studio, photographers use lights at particular angles to create shadows to sculpt the face and body. Soft lights will hide wrinkles and imperfections and harsher lights will highlight beautiful features like great bone structure. Without shadows though, in areas like the outdoors, in a church or venue, the flat, constant illumination cast by the surrounding light will make images appear bigger and flatter than they really are (and that includes you). Cameras just capture light, so you shouldn’t judge yourself on a bad photo! Here are a few tips to use cameras to your advantage and make you look slimmer and more beautiful in all your wedding photos.

Stand at an angle to the camera. For a thinner more streamlined appearance, place one foot in front of the other then lean your weight on your back foot. It sounds painfully obvious, but by creating a physically smaller appearance from the front, your entire shape will appear smaller. Pull your shoulders back and stand tall, but keep a slight bend in the front knee so you’re grounded. Gently pull in your stomach for a thin torso, but avoid doing it too much or it looks obvious!

Think about how your thighs spread out when you’re sitting down. They look so much thinner when you’re standing right? The same applies to your arms. Pressing your arms into your body will make them look so much bigger and flabbier than they actually are. Always lift them slightly away from your body. It feels a bit odd, but looks fine. Take a test shot if you don’t believe us!

This will also feel strange at first, but by moving your head forward slightly you’ll eliminate a double chin, and if you want better jaw definition or to look thinner in the face, tilt the head down slightly. Also have something to smile about. A real memory you can recall or making sure you’re not stressing about anything will ensure your face is relaxed and real.

Other tips
For a very natural look, turn your face to the camera and smile at the last second. Ask your photographer to count you in or you may just end up with an album full of shots of the back of your head.

Photos taken from a low angle are rarely flattering. Avoid if you can! Finally, use your accessories to their best advantage. Big skirts, wraps and veils can softly disguise bigger areas of the body, while your bouquet can cover a big belly or hips.

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