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An Eye Catching Centrepiece

An Eye Catching Centrepiece

You wedding cake is the centrepiece of the wedding reception. You will have many photos taken around this central point, so it’s important to have it displayed beautifully. Professional cake makers will know exactly how to display it to its best advantage, but if a friend or relative is creating your masterpiece we’ve put together some important points to consider.
Firstly, the cake needs to be set up before the reception begins. The cake table can be decorated in a variety of different ways. You will want to have a complementing tablecloth and some brides choose to use a tablecloth that was used in their mother’s wedding or another family heirloom. The cake may also be proudly displayed in the centre of a buffet table with beautiful floral arrangements or other decorations around it. If you have an heirloom serving set, this can make a beautiful display for your wedding. You have several options when it comes to decorating the display table, especially if you have a themed wedding. Place little mementos from holidays, celebrations, your engagement picture on the table to feature the moments that you have already shared together. You can also use other little decorations that accent the theme of your wedding and to help bring everything together.
As the cake may be on display throughout the reception, you will want to display it so that it will not disrupt the flow of movement at the reception. You certainly don’t want it accidentally knocked down or fallen into by a zealous dancer! You may want to place lights around the cake that will keep it the focus of the reception. If the lights are too hot, however, it may cause the icing to melt. Also, take into consideration the type of cake you have chosen. Some cakes like crocumbouche don’t like the heat and tend to turn into a leaning tower! Your cake maker will advise you on the feasibility of keeping the cake on display throughout a long reception, you will need to be sure that if the cake has a filling or special icing that it will be okay until it is time to cut the cake.
Another option is to keep the cake out of view from your guests during the dinner. When it is time to cut the cake, the room can be dimmed, the guests hushed and then the cake brought in as an event of its own.


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