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Incorporating Fashion into your Reception

Incorporating Fashion into your Reception

If you are obsessed with fashion and covet the latest runway looks, why not select your favourite trend to use as the theme for your wedding?

Fashion is constantly reinventing key looks for the season that can be easily incorporated into your wedding decor. Here’s a few current styles that can help give your reception the “wow” factor:

Going tribal Tribal can be interpreted in a number of ways for your outdoor or marquee wedding. Bamboo canopies for the ceremony, matched with woven, cane or wood furnishings, add exotic flair to open-air settings. Choose complimenting tribal prints to create canopy draping, throw pillows for lounges or daybeds, and even an unforgettable aisle runner. Invest in trinkets and props that heighten the drama, such as African statues, wooden boxes, woven baskets or traditional masks, offset by a tribal print table runner. White looks particularly powerful against an earthy tribal print, so keep furniture either in its natural state, or painted white for the best effect. Add a beautiful white wedding gown to the picture and you will evoke all the romance of Out of Africa.

Mixing bold prints Popular on the runways at New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, colourful prints can make a statement at your reception. Take it a step further, by mixing or clashing stand-out patterns to create a bold look. If you embrace colour, this trend can be fantastic at packing a punch. Bold prints—whether they be floral, geometric or custom-made—work well in a variety of settings. Using colourful prints in large rooms can warm up imposing and uninviting spaces. Adding prints to an outdoor setting can compliment a great view; pick out key colours in the backdrop—such as blue, if you have an ocean view—and echo this throughout your selection of fabrics.

An easy DIY idea is to create your own cushions, bunting, tablecloths, table runners, chair covers or sashes in a variety of fabrics. Whether you want a little or a lot, prints can add real personality to your wedding.

Loving lace Fashion’s current obsession with lace is inspired by Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding gown, or is it just a hark back to simpler times? Whatever the case, lace—in an array of vibrant colours—has made a huge comeback, reigniting our love affair with vintage. Lee Takirau, of A Fabulous Event, works with many brides who are opting for a modern vintage theme. “It is always rewarding to take a vintage idea and add a modern twist. We have done many recent weddings using our gorgeous lace lanterns at outdoor ceremonies, with matching lace signing-table linen and soft lace draping on our chandelier wedding frame. Mix in some illuminated lace lanterns for the reception, add a blast of colour, and you have the perfect modern twist on a vintage theme.”

Neon accents A trend favouring the brave: neons offer an unexpected pop of colour to modern or off-beat weddings. Look to Martha Stewart for your DIY inspiration and create an array of neon-inspired decorations for a gorgeous summer wedding. Use neon paper to create your confetti cones, tie a neon ribbon or string to bind your order of service, or create a mass of decorative pom poms in brilliant hues. For the reception decor, seek out retro vases, plates and stemware for a unique look. If you can’t find the right pieces, take generic black or white vases and decorate with a strip of neon ribbon—in one or more shades—adding brightly coloured flowers, or painted branches, to complete the centrepiece. For a bit of fun, why not take advantage of all the beautiful neon-hued apparel and accessories available, by adding a neon clutch, hair piece or pair of heels to your bridal party’s attire? Add ‘80s flair to your day by asking your groom to wear neon socks—a great photo opportunity that will get everyone talking as soon as they arrive at your ceremony.

Luxe metallics Silver metallic has always been a favourite in wedding theming. It goes with any other base colour and adds bling and glamour to any look. The newest trend that is taking the wedding world by storm is gold. We are seeing a trend towards our vintage gold invitations, black and gold bridesmaid’s gowns, bouquets with gold braid around the stems, and lush gold candelabras and accessories at the reception. Take your cue from fashion’s most glamorous palette and add an unmistakable air of sophistication to your reception with luxe shades. Metallics work well in nearly every venue, especially for evening receptions where candlelight or specialised lighting can heighten the sparkle of your chosen pieces. Styling your reception with gold can make even the most humble of rooms feel like a grand ballroom.


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