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Inspirational ideas for your autumn wedding

Inspirational ideas for your autumn wedding

Spring and summer may be the most popular seasons for weddings on the Gold Coast, but autumn can also provide the most romantic setting.

With the trees, plants and flowers pulling out all stops when it comes to spectacular colour, and the days getting a little cooler, the season can create a rustic theme fit for any bride and groom.

Autumn is all about colour and a kaleidoscope of red, orange and yellow can make for a warm wedding theme. You can also add a touch of metallic with bronze or gold to glam it up when it comes to your decorations, invitations, cake and dress.
Not only that but autumn’s weather is simply stunning and it means perfect clear days, gorgeous happy snaps and loved-up evenings.

Gold Coast couples have so many reasons to love the cooler season and here are our top inspirational ideas for your autumn wedding.

Pack a picnic: Autumn is a great time for a picnic in the park. Park weddings are popular at this time as year as it’s not too hot so you and your guests won’t be uncomfortable. For an informal and relaxing wedding, a picnic could be just the ticket to wow your guests and make for a memorable wedding day.

Choose a vineyard: We all know that picking a wedding location can be one of the most important decisions you make when planning a wedding. But autumn calls for a venue that has both indoor and outdoor options so you can be at one with nature and the gorgeous backdrop, and also be inside out of the cool. Try a vineyard or even a rural property with a cottage.

Go off white: We have already established that autumn has a crisp palette of colours, which is why you can mix it up with your wedding dress and choose a champagne-coloured wedding gown, or a more metallic hue such as bronze.

Metallic features: You can tie this metallic detail into the rest of your theme too with bridesmaids’ dresses, bouquet and table settings. Try silver, gold and even pewter. Think about the accessories you can use such as a vases, framed photos and teacups with metallic edging, bowls and candlestick holders as your centrepieces.
Bring the outdoors in: Just in case the weather means you have to be inside on your wedding day, that’s OK. Bring the outdoors in with potted plants dotted around your ceremony and reception area. Why not fill the room with trees, plants and other greenery?
Fresh fruit and vegetables: Autumn is the best time for seasonal fruit and veggies because of the stunning array of colour on offer. You can use pomegranates, apples, pears, figs and pumpkins as decorations on your tables. But you can also serve these as part of your menu to get that authentic autumn feeling.

Add foliage to your bouquet: Forget the flowers and go with greenery, foliage, plants and succulents for your bouquet. Not only do they look amazing as a standalone bouquet but they have staying power and will outlast even the most hardy flower. You can also add these to the tables as centrepieces and even on or around your cake.

Add a sleeve: Autumn is a great season to walk down the aisle in a dress with a lace sleeve or something around your shoulders. Think Princess Kate. There are so many beautiful dresses with long or short sleeves and brides can also choose to wear boleros or wraps to ward off chills in the air.

Added extras: Go for something different when it comes to entertainment at your wedding. Why not think about belly dancers, magicians, palm readers or fortune tellers. Photo booths are still popular as are the props that go with them. There are plenty of other entertainment ideas that could make an appearance at your nuptials, just do a simple Google search.

Cocktail bar: Cocktails always go down a treat at weddings, but you can also have a craft beer display or whiskey bar depending on your choice of drink. There’s also the bubble bar – that is, a bar dedicated to sparkling wines. Often couples incorporate a champagne fountain.

Mismatched décor: Matching is out and mismatched centrepieces and tables settings are still in. Vintage floral designs are popular and will take your autumn theme to the next level. This romantic look ties perfectly to a rustic and intimate autumn wedding.

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