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Outdoor Settings

Outdoor Settings

The outdoors is a dream setting for a lot of Gold Coast couples. And why wouldn’t it be with so many glorious beaches and stunning parklands. But, these beautiful arenas will be filled with challenges to be addressed to insure a wonderful wedding day.

Because brides and grooms are at the mercy of the elements, they’re also a bigger risk. Mother Nature can be glorious, but she is often unpredictable – and unkind. She won’t hesitate to offer up a deluge during the most delightful of days.

For that reason, outdoor weddings are not for worry warts. Wedding planning can be stressful enough, without having to worry about the weather.

Despite the risks and careful planning required, there are oodles of couples that wouldn’t have their wedding any other way. They’d much rather feel the cushioning of cool grass or the crunch of clean sand beneath their feet, than the hard floor of a church on their wedding day.

For these couples, deciding on an outdoor location is at the top of the ‘to do list’. While some opt to have their weddings in their own backyards, others get married in vineyards, beaches or public parks.

A beach or park setting, what a dream location for a wedding. Outside in the sunshine, surrounded by nature and your friends, what a wonderful atmosphere in which to celebrate. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? It will be with a lot of forethought, great attention to detail, and the right professionals assisting you… but neglect any of these elements and it could turn into a nightmare.

Some locations only allow weddings (no receptions) to take place on their grounds. If you wish to include your reception the list of locations will be smaller and the list of considerations will grow immensely.

Rules and Regulations: Each beach and park has a set of rules, so you will need to contact the Gold Coast City Council to find out what these are.

Is there are cost for renting the location. Is it by the hour? Is there a minimum number of hours or a maximum number? Will the number of guests fit comfortably into this area?

Parking at the beach is one of the greatest challenges especially on a weekend. On your invites put a list of the closest parking spots particularly for non-local guests.

Comfort of you and your guests is very important. Will you need electricity? Are there restroom facilities close by? Is running water necessary? What about a canopy or tent for shade? Having a ‘rain plan’ is mandatory. You, your guests, and your food will certainly stay fresher when you have addressed these issues.

When it comes to music, remember that you are in a public place. Amplified music is generally load so consider guitar, violin, harp, flute, etc. and the musicians will definitely need shade.

Alcohol consumption is not permitted at parks and beaches.

Insects – Ants, bees, wasps, etc. are unwelcome guests so have some insect spray handy.

Sun protection in the form of sunscreen and shade is very necessary in our hot climate. Perhaps the park has some natural shade from trees. If so, utilise these into the ceremony area. If you’re on the beach look at providing big umbrellas or parasols for your guests.

For your comfort and peace of mind use professionals who work in a beach/outdoor setting frequently. A simple stretch of sand or grass can be decorated beautifully in the right hands.

Photographers and Videographers who work comfortably in the outdoors with natural light are the ones to choose.

A florist can help you choose hardy flowers that will withstand the full sun and also make certain they are individually in water if necessary.

Wedding Coordinators… Do you have the time, energy, and expertise to manage the details or will your need a professional to assist with coordination? An outdoor setting will entail more details, both in the planning as well as the actual day, than any other location.

Minding all of the details and including the best professionals will insure that your memories will all be wonderful and the only reason someone will tap you on the shoulder will be to invite you to dance.

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