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What about the chauffeur?

What about the chauffeur?

With your focus on the big day, you have probably got your sights set on a big car to match the occasion. You know you have just got to have that shiny Bentley, Rolls-Royce or fabulously long limousine.

So what are you looking for? A certain shade of silver, or a specific interior hue to match your bridesmaid’s dresses? You want the resplendent look of the Rolls, the passionate drive of the Bentley, the sleekness of the limousine, the romance of the horse-drawn carriage. You know that one of these fine wedding carriages will be perfect for your wedding day. You have even agreed the exact hue of wedding ribbons and you know the champagne will be the perfect toast as you depart for your wedding reception. Even more importantly you have found the right car, for a price you can actually afford.

Your chauffeur is as equally important as the car. Where would Ferrari be without Michael Schumacher or Formula One without Mario Andretti? But how do you judge or rate your wedding pilot? Most Formula One drivers would make dreadful wedding chauffeurs. The last thing that you want from your wedding driver would be a full throttle get away from the church. Think sedate, smooth and elegant rather than foot down, drift and wheel spin.

The number one priority should be safety. After that, you want someone who is experienced, prompt and reliable. The chauffeur and your chosen wedding car should be properly licensed and insured for the occasion plus dressed correctly. Normally this would mean a smart suit, shirt with tie or perhaps the more traditional chauffeur cap and attire for a vintage wedding car. It can sometimes be the little things that separate great service from average. A good wedding chauffeur will do a lot more than what you pay for. They will do a reconnaissance run before the wedding journey if they haven’t driven to that wedding venue previously. They will arrive at your collection address relaxed and unhurried and the car will be prepared with ribbons if applicable in preparation for the first pick-up. The chauffeur can then help make the passengers relax and enjoy the journey. Knowing when to speak and when to keep quiet is an art.

Booking a wedding car can be expensive but if you have a great chauffeur included, then you have a bargain. You might save $50 on the cost of the car, but if the chauffeur gets lost, is late or is just downright rude and unhelpful you have wasted your money, and also potentially ruined your wedding day.


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