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Transport Tricks

Transport Tricks

Many couples see wedding transport as a necessary evil. Most wouldn’t even consider rocking up to the ceremony in their own car, and why should you? It’s a big event; however wedding transport can put a serious dent in the budget. So here are some clever options to get the best from your car hire. By the way, this one often comes under the groom’s domain, so feel free to sling him this feature for a few pointers in the right direction!

Say no to the package
Mention the ‘w’ word and prices skyrocket. Talk to many specialist wedding car hire companies and they’ll immediately send over their standard wedding package quote. It will probably consist of a few hours service, a driver, ribbon, and perhaps some champagne.

But if you only need the car one-way, for, say, an hour, why not ask for a quote for exactly that! You might miss out on the ribbon and the champagne, but you’ll get a beautiful car, a driver, and a seriously discounted price. This is the perfect option for a bride who wants to travel to the ceremony with her father and will join the rest of the party after the ceremony. Chauffeured car companies that don’t normally specialise in weddings will probably also offer this service.

Stretching the options
If you won’t forgo the ribbon and bubbly, then consider ways of getting more for your money. Ask your car hire company if they will take children (those who don’t need baby seats and with a chaperone of course) for a spin in the limo you’ve hired while you have your photos taken or once you have all reached the reception. They’ll love it and they’ll be off your hands for a while.

Or, if you’ve got a penchant for a particular car, make your wedding the perfect time to hire it and have some photos taken with it. A picture of a newly married couple in a snazzy sports car would make the perfect thank you cards!

Why not ask your car hire company if they’ll do you a ‘bulk discount’? If you agree to hire cars for the hen’s night, buck’s night, as well as for you and family on the day, and perhaps even honeymoon transfers too, you might get a great discount.

Got a friend whose car you admire? Why not ask them to chauffer you? Chances are they’ll be excited to be involved, and you could always offer to pay for a regular taxi back to the reception so they can drop the car off back at home before the reception. Don’t forget a small gift for them though – they’ll save you a packet!

The other option is to spend a similar amount of money on transporting everyone. Instead of hiring a limo just for yourselves, hire a coach and take all your guests to and from your reception back to a central location. You may well find the price is not too different. The difference is, you get to be on board and enjoy the joviality and everyone will relax knowing they don’t have to drive or worry about directions! Make sure you ask your guests to reserve their places on the coach when they rsvp so you can confirm numbers.

If you’ve got a back up or you’re not really bothered about transport too much, many companies offer last minute discounted bookings. First, call a few weeks prior for their real quote to make sure you are actually getting a good deal. You might not get to choose the exact car, and there might be nothing available, but if you’re happy to fly by the seat of your pants, then this could be an affordable option.

Don’t be tempted to opt for a cowboy. If the price is too good to be true, it might be just that. Do choose a company you can trust and who has a decent reputation. Dodgy operators might not be registered, licensed, or take proper care of their vehicles. If something were to go wrong, your wedding insurance might not cover you for employing an illegal operator. Worse than that, they might let you down on the day, leaving you late or stranded.

Transport alternatives
Why not consider some alternative methods of transport for your big day? You’ll give people fabulous memories and provide some amazing photo opportunities, not to mention increase the excitement for you and your partner!
• Train (or any public transport for that matter – imagine the many well-wishers you’ll encounter)
• Fire engine
• Rickshaw
• Roller blades (only for the brave and short distances only!)
• Scooter (or matching scooters for the newly-weds)
• Motorbike with sidecar
• Hot air balloon (a budget breaker)
• Boat
• Camels


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